October got off to a huge start with THE MARTIAN just missing the October record by $1mil.

THE MARTIAN beat expectations, and it almost had a chance to beat GRAVITY for highest grossing October weekend, by making an outstanding $54.3mil. This was just shy of GRAVITY’s $55.7mil it made back in 2012, but THE MARTIAN is leaving its audience every excited and I see THE MARTIAN dominating the box office for the rest of the month.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 held on very well in its second weekend, only dropping 32% on it way to making $33mil for a two week total of $90.5mil. Its out performing the first film by about $15mil at this point in their respected runs, so Sony should be very happy as they have a genuine hit on their hands.

SICARIO was able to bring in a decent audience making $12mil by Sunday. This isn’t a huge number, but I suspect as the weeks go along, it will gain a good word of mouth and stay in the top 10 for quite sometime. If it leads to good awards buzz, it will definitely have a good life at the box office.

THE INTERN also held on well as it only dropped 34% making $11.6mil. This is very similar to Nancy Meyer’s SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, which made $124mil when it came out in the winter of 2003. It’ll be interesting to see if THE INTERN will have the same legs, September releases don’t tend to make over $100mil and SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE was released during the Holiday Season which gives movies a little extra life. Whatever the outcome is for THE INTERN, the studio should be very happy with the films results thus far.

EVEREST fell pretty sharply, a 54% drop, in its third weekend making $5.6mil for a total of $33mil. I am a little surprised by how EVEREST hasn’t really latch on to audiences. I wasn’t expecting for it to be a huge blockbuster, but I didn’t think it was going to flounder like this. Maybe they should have kept the film in IMAX only theaters, as it did very well when it opened there first.

THE MARTIAN – $54.3mil


SICARIO – $12mil

THE INTERN – $11.6mil

EVEREST – $5.6mil