November 2015

CREED: A Review


One of the most enduring movie legacies is the ROCKY series. It almost seems insulting to call it a “franchise.” The Marvel movies are franchise. The FAST & FURIOUS movies are franchise. But the ROCKY movies, despite a couple of them not being very good, deserve a little bit more than that. Continue reading “CREED: A Review”


Marvel’s CIVIL WAR Begins In First Trailer & Posters


The first look at CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR has finally been unveiled with the first teaser trailer and a set of teaser posters… Continue reading “Marvel’s CIVIL WAR Begins In First Trailer & Posters”

Box Office: I Was Wrong


Wow, I completely missed the mark for the predictions I made, as all the new films that opened over the weekend made considerably less than what I had expected.

Continue reading “Box Office: I Was Wrong”

Wonder No More What Men and Women Are In WONDER WOMAN


Production has begun on the feature film WONDER WOMAN!

We  now have the first image from the movie and details on the cast and crew from a press release from Warner Bros. Pictures. Continue reading “Wonder No More What Men and Women Are In WONDER WOMAN”

Box Office: MOCKINGJAY to Fly High Above the Competition


Thanksgiving is next week, so studios are pulling out the big guns to take advantage of all the people wanting to heads to the cinemas. Which will end up on top, and what’s going to be put aside for leftovers?

Continue reading “Box Office: MOCKINGJAY to Fly High Above the Competition”

Whoa Nelly! Have We Got Trailers For You


It’s Wednesday, November 18th, and you know what that means!!! NEW TRAILERS!

Continue reading “Whoa Nelly! Have We Got Trailers For You”

The New Classics: Vol. 3


I love “the classics”. You know what movies I’m talking about.

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, THE GODFATHER, STAR WARS, JAWS, TAXI DRIVER, THE THIRD MAN… This list could go on and on.  Many movies come out and are forgotten. Others come out and enjoy a moment in the sun before being relegated to “that movie was pretty good!”

And then there are “the classics.” Continue reading “The New Classics: Vol. 3”

Box Office: Gold Bond Keeps It Dry & Fresh at the Box Office, Peanuts Remain Unsullied


The box office played out pretty much exactly the way I had predicted as the new films flopped and the the holdovers from last week reigned supreme.

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Box Office: SPECTRE to Kill Off the Weak Competition

spectre (1)

For the second weekend of November, it’s like the studios aren’t even trying as all the new releases are predicted to bomb, giving SPECTRE another easy win and stay at the top.

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