Thirty-Eight Second Preview for JASON BOURNE Reveals Story


The story for the upcoming JASON BOURNE had been kept relatively secret. From the trailers and plot descriptions all we could tell was that something brought Bourne back into the fray and whatever it was… It wasn’t good.

Thanks to a new TV spot, we now know what brings him back.

And, boy, does it piss him off. Continue reading “Thirty-Eight Second Preview for JASON BOURNE Reveals Story”


New PETE’S DRAGON Trailer Looks Enchanting


Disney has released a full theatrical trailer for their remake of 1977’s PETE’S DRAGON. The film is coming out in August and stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford.

Click on for the trailer! Continue reading “New PETE’S DRAGON Trailer Looks Enchanting”

Remember That There is a BEN-HUR Movie Coming Out?


Yeah, I forgot too.

Click on for a brand new trailer for the movie and an attempt to rationalize it’s existence. Continue reading “Remember That There is a BEN-HUR Movie Coming Out?”

DORY Searches For Her Family In Newest Trailer

Pixar has released a brand new, full-length trailer for the much anticipated FINDING DORY and it is wonderful!

Check it out below…

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STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Takes You Into The Final Frontier


The first teaser trailer for STAR TREK BEYOND was nice, but didn’t do much in the way of building any genuine anticipation for the third Trek outing in the rebooted universe. In fact in played into the narrative that, under the direction of Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 3-7), this movie would be more high octane action than thoughtful science fiction.

The full theatrical trailer shows that not to be the case. In fact, it seems as though we are finally getting a new Star Trek movie that deals with exploration and the dangers of trekking into the final frontier… Continue reading “STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Takes You Into The Final Frontier”

GHOSTBUSTERS Busts Haters In New Trailer


After the unfairly maligned first trailer got labeled as the most hated YouTube video ever, the new GHOSTBUSTERS reboot needed a win in the battle against ant-feminist hater nerds. They got one with this new trailer.

Check it out! Continue reading “GHOSTBUSTERS Busts Haters In New Trailer”



Everyone loves trailers. That is just a fact of life. We need oxygen to breathe, taxes are a constant, and new trailers for cool movies gets our blood pumping. It’s Thursday, so we’ve got some new trailers for you! Continue reading “An INFERNO of HALFTIME ASSASSINS: A Trailer Thursday”

SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU Trailer Shows an Obama Meet Cute


Regardless of what your political leanings are, you have to admit that Barack and Michelle Obama are hands down the most charming Presidential couple since the Kennedy’s. They seem incredibly good-natured, ooze charisma, and just seem like they are over-the-moon in love with one another.

If you think that could make for a pretty great cinematic meet cute… You are in luck! Continue reading “SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU Trailer Shows an Obama Meet Cute”

SNOWDEN and the Sundance Hits

Today we have been given trailers to a pair of Sundance hits and Oliver Stone’s version of Edward Snowden. Take a look at these brand new trailers after the jump.

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