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Casting Corner: THE LION KING


Disney has announced Jon Favreau will direct a re-imagining of THE LION KING.

Sounds like a pretty big undertaking. Regarding the casting of the movie, there have been some little hints along the way. Favreau often calls upon his “usual suspects” to perform in his movies, so it’s time to dig deep and guess who Favreau will cast in his rendition of THE LION KING…

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Casting Corner: THE BATMAN


Welcome to the Casting Corner! Here we help out the casting directors of the world by picking and choosing the best performers for movies that have yet to be cast.

This week we have the cast for the new Affleck directed THE BATMAN.

You know it’s coming. We know it’s coming. It will have Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and very likely appearances from Jared Leto & Margot Robbie as The Joker & Harley Quinn.

Let’s see who else they could cast… Continue reading “Casting Corner: THE BATMAN”



With only a few scant days until  Star Trek Beyond enters cinemas, Paramount Pictures have shown a huge sign of confidence by giving the go-ahead to a fourth film in the franchise’s “Kelvin Timeline.”

And they are getting the return of a Thunder God to go with it… Continue reading “STAR TREK BEYOND Gets a Sequel”

2016: The Halfway Mark


It is now July and that means that we are halfway through 2016.

Which also means that we are halfway through the “summer movie season”, which typically spans from May to August. While the delightful Finding Dory has just come out and we are hopeful for the one-two-three punch of Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, and Jason Bourne… It hasn’t been the greatest summer for movies.

That doesn’t mean that this year has had some bright spots. There have been six movies in particular that have taken our breath away. There are also six more that I think could take that breath away again.

Let’s take a look! Continue reading “2016: The Halfway Mark”

HAKUNA PODCASTA: A Disney Final Cut Podcast

Welcome to an extra-special, extra-long edition of the Filmthusiast Podcast!

Dave is joined by Ali Keirn and Nick Shine to discuss a grouping of movies that genuinely defined our childhoods: The Movies of the Disney Animated Renaissance.

The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, and Tarzan.

We talk it out, break them down, and rank them. We just can’t wait for you to see who is king…
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Filmthusiast’s Wish is Granted: Bookeem Woodbine Joins SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING


Back in February, Filmthusiast ran a casting wishlist for the new Spider-Man movie. There were some cool names on that list.

The third person on that list, after the already cast Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei, was Bookeem Woodbine. He was coming off of an incredible turn on the second season of Fargo. I suggested that he would be an incredible Kraven the Hunter.  Continue reading “Filmthusiast’s Wish is Granted: Bookeem Woodbine Joins SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING”

Dave Is Wrong About THE WALKING DEAD: A Short Podcast


Dave is wrong.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

In the 22nd podcast from Filmthusiast, Dave is joined by Laura Jewell & Mike Newquist to discuss The Walking Dead, it’s video game counterpart, and how Dave is wrong in his outright dismissal of the show.

And it’s not even 17 minutes long. So get listening! Continue reading “Dave Is Wrong About THE WALKING DEAD: A Short Podcast”



The casting for Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has clearly gone into high gear. They recently snagged Michael Keaton for the main villain and just the other day brought in Donald Glover to play an undisclosed role.

Now they have cast a Logan. Continue reading “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Casts Logan”

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