CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR – The Filmthusiast Review


“Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say ‘No, YOU move’.”

That is one of the most famous Captain America lines from the recent run of comics featuring the character. The line is one that Steve Rogers delivers in the comic book Civil War when attempting to express his viewpoint in the war with Iron Man. In the most recent Marvel Studios movie, it is a line said that is said to Steve Rogers by the perfect person in a moment of great importance to the character.

Or maybe it’s the worst possible thing that could have been said to Steve. Continue reading “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR – The Filmthusiast Review”


THE JUNGLE BOOK: A Podcast Review


Mitch is back! He went on hiatus from fighting people to join Dave for a podcast. They ran out and saw THE JUNGLE BOOK and they can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Continue reading “THE JUNGLE BOOK: A Podcast Review”

GREEN ROOM: An Early Review


Nearly two months ago I wrote a review for the instant horror classic, THE WITCH. It was an amazing masterclass of dread and horror by an up-and-coming director. It came out of nowhere and it completely kicked my ass. I didn’t think I would have a cinematic experience in 2016 that could possibly rival what I felt in the theater that day. Then I saw GREEN ROOM. Continue reading “GREEN ROOM: An Early Review”

The End of Innocence: A BATMAN V SUPERMAN Review


“That’s how it starts. The fever… the rage… the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.” – Alfred

I watched all 151 minutes of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE last night. I’ve thought about the movie. I’ve processed it. It’s entered my system and now I will attempt to flush it out of me like a poorly cooked meal in an attempt to keep it from turning me violently ill.

We will start this off spoiler-free and then I’ll throw up a big, old spoiler warning when we head into that neck of the woods.

Here we go.

Continue reading “The End of Innocence: A BATMAN V SUPERMAN Review”

A Movie Review: ZOOTOPIA


ZOOTOPIA continues Disney’s hot streak with back-to-back hits like WRECK-IT RALPH, FROZEN, and BIG HERO 6. Not only does it continue that streak, it is best of the bunch. ZOOTOPIA is a wonderful film filled with great characters, dazzling animation, and rich storytelling. This is a film that cannot be missed.

Continue reading “A Movie Review: ZOOTOPIA”

LONDON HAS FALLEN: An Early Podcast Review


Mitch & I were lucky enough to attend a preview screening of LONDON HAS FALLEN and took the time to review it in a podcast.

It is a spoiler-free review, so dig in…  Continue reading “LONDON HAS FALLEN: An Early Podcast Review”

Best Of: My Favorite 15 of 2015


Now, I already know that I am late to the party with my best of list, as Dave so eloquently pointed out to me in our last podcast, but I needed the extra time to catch up. I still haven’t had a chance to really see everything, but I now feel very confident and proud of the list I have been able to assemble. So what made my list, you’ll have to click to find out.

Continue reading “Best Of: My Favorite 15 of 2015”

DEADPOOL: The Filmthusiast Podcast Review


We all saw DEADPOOL this weekend and it’s time for a Filmthusiast review on the movie! What better way to discuss the film than in an actual SPOILERY recorded discussion? Here is the second Filmthusiast podcast! Continue reading “DEADPOOL: The Filmthusiast Podcast Review”

THE WITCH: A New-England Folktale Review


Arguably the three greatest horror films ever are THE EXORCIST, THE SHINING, and THE THING. What these three movies have in common, besides “The” being the first word of their title, is a masterful command of mood and tone. Continue reading “THE WITCH: A New-England Folktale Review”

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