With only a few scant days until  Star Trek Beyond enters cinemas, Paramount Pictures have shown a huge sign of confidence by giving the go-ahead to a fourth film in the franchise’s “Kelvin Timeline.”

And they are getting the return of a Thunder God to go with it…

Paramount has revealed that a fourth film will be made and will involve the meeting of Chris Pine’s Jim Kirk and his father, George Kirk, played by Chris Hemsworth. George Kirk was killed in J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek movie in 2009, so this movie will have to involve time travel or alternate realities.

It’s exciting to hear that they are already gearing up on another installment before the third film is released and here is why:

a) It means that the “Kelvin Timeline” movies will not simply be a trilogy.

b) We will most likely be getting a new Star Trek film before 2020.

c) The new CBS Star Trek show isn’t taking the place of the movies.

d) We will likely be getting some great family storytelling. Perhaps Kirk will have to choose between his biological family and his interstellar family.

Some interesting things to note are the credited writers are J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay who wrote the original draft of what would become Star Trek Beyond with then director, Bob Orci. There is no mention of who will be directing this installment, but I have to imagine it will not be Orci sitting at the helm after he was dramatically ousted from the franchise to make way for the Lin/Pegg/Jung movie we are getting this week.

Will Abrams return to direct? Unlikely, but who could take his and Lin’s place for this fourth installment of the refreshed franchise? Let us know!