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Summer Movie Preview: June

June of 2016 has a huge act to follow as last year brought us JURASSIC WORLD in June and it became one of the highest grossing films of all time breaking many records on the way getting there. I don’t see any film that will be able to even come close to its performance, but this June has a couple of films that have potential to be big hits.

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Summer Box Office Preview: May


The Summer Movie Season begins in May and runs through August where May tends to be the strongest month of them all. When it comes to May films, you can always depend on a Marvel film to start us off (they’ve had a film open the first weekend of May starting back in 2008 when Iron Man first premiered) and any of the films opening during Memorial Day Weekend will bring in big money. Let’s take a look at what will be the biggest hit of the month, what films will succeed, what will fail, and what can go either way.

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Box Office: STAR WARS is Unstoppable


After only 20 days in theaters, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has beaten out AVATAR to become the highest grossing film of all time at the U.S. box office. AVATAR is still the worldwide highest grossing film, but I don’t see that lasting very long.

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Box Office: Suck it JURASSIC WORLD!


It should come to no surprise that STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS demolished the box office and broke many records over the weekend. But how well did it actually do?

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Box Office: Reaching for the STARS


It is no question that STAR WARS will dominate the box office this weekend, but the real question is, how big will it be?

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Box Office: MOCKINGJAY Sinks HEART’s Ship


It was a slow weekend at the box office, as IN THE HEART OF THE SEA failed to bring anyone on board as MOCKINGJAY – PART 2 was able to claim the top spot for a 4th weekend in a row.

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Box Office: Lonely HEARTS Expected at the Box Office


With only one major film opening wide, it will be a sleepy weekend at the box office as people will wait it out for next weekend with STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS finally opens.

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Box Office: KRAMPUS Slays the Competition


What a strange turn of events we had here over the weekend. Usually a very sleepy weekend turned into a weekend full of surprises and disappointments. See how everything went down after the jump.

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Box Office: KRAMPUS is Coming to Town


The first weekend of December is one of the worst weekends to release a movie. People are tired from the Thanksgiving weekend and they usually ignore whatever new release opens. This weekend shouldn’t be any different.

The battle for the #1 spot will be the real story for the weekend. Will MOCKINGJAY – PART 2 be able to hold on for a third weekend in a row, or will GOOD DINOSAUR knock it out of the top spot?

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