The story for the upcoming JASON BOURNE had been kept relatively secret. From the trailers and plot descriptions all we could tell was that something brought Bourne back into the fray and whatever it was… It wasn’t good.

Thanks to a new TV spot, we now know what brings him back.

And, boy, does it piss him off.

Check it out:

Not much new to this preview… Except for them revealing the inciting incident that brings Bourne back from wherever he was dessert fist-fighting. It sounds like the people who recruited David Webb lied to him about his father’s death. They told him that it was from a terrorist attack. It sounds like Jason Bourne doesn’t like being lied to, especially when it results in his entire life being ripped apart and his identity made a mystery for three (plus?) movies.

And I still love that gunshot sound effect when he punches that dude out in the last shot. It’s just over-the-top enough to be classic.

I’d say JASON BOURNE has every right to be mad on July 29th.