John Boyega

These days, if you’re a modern movie star, you don’t just have one monster movie franchise… You have several. John Boyega, who dazzled in ATTACK THE BLOCK and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has finally received this memo and has signed up for his second major sci-fi/action franchise and it’s one that desperately needs his energy, enthusiasm, and exceptional talent.

Deadline has exclusively reported that Boyega has secured the lead role in PACIFIC RIM II. He will be playing the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentacost, who met a heroic end in the climax of the first film. Boyega will also be co-producing the film with his production company, UpperRoom Productions. It’s more of an exciting get for the movie than for the actor. Boyega could sit back a do a couple of independent films in between STAR WARS episodes and no one could blame him. However, it seems as though the actor has a sweet tooth for the genre and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to jump into a Jaeger and fight a bunch of Kaiju (is Kaiju a word that doesn’t need to be altered to be pluralized?).

You can’t be blamed for forgetting that this movie is even being made. The first one, while a solid effort, didn’t set the box office on fire. It was a movie like The Watchowski’s SPEED RACER in that it has fans in the people who saw the movie, but their numbers are few. I was curious to see how much they changed things up in between movies beyond replacing Guillermo Del Toro with DAREDEVIL’s Steven DeKnight… and it looks like we have our answer. This franchise is going to have a brand new face front and center and it will be a face that genre fans know we can trust.