Alex Reynolds is a talented actor, writer, and producer who is taking Chicago by storm with his new play, Old Hobbits Die Hard. He has also been involved in one past Filmthusiast podcast and two very exciting podcasts yet to come.

Seeing as how you’ll be hearing a lot from Alex, we thought we thought we would get to know him a little bit and see how deep his filmthusiasm runs!

Q: What is your most treasured movie memory?

A: Seeing JURASSIC PARK in theatres. I was 7, half the age of the MPAA recommended audience, but I just loved dinosaurs so much my family skirted the rules, and I was blown away by the spectacle of it and absorbed everything dinosaur for the next few years. And for some reason seeing the Mr. DNA sequence, in a theatre, is imprinted on my visual memory.

Q: What is one movie you love that everyone else doesn’t? What’s one movie you hate that everyone else loves?

A: I love AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS starring Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan. If you go into it wanting to see an adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days, you’ll be as disappointed as everyone else, but it is SO much fun. – I hate JUNO. I hate that it won an Oscar for writing. Diablo Cody made her main character pregnant, and used that as a “ticking clock” to advance the narrative which, at its core, was only pithy, hipster whining and little quips, one after the other, smothering the talent of JK Simmons and Jennifer Garner in the process — It was cheap, easy storytelling, and I hate it to this day.

Q: Your life is a movie. What is the genre? The title? Your role?

A: The name of my life movie is “Clumsy and Clever,” and the genre is meta-comedy; I go through plenty of comedic adventures and misunderstandings, but with a very active inner monologue. If I could break the fourth wall of existence and wink at the audience, I would.

Q: Aliens come to this world, knock on your door, and demand that you show them one movie that will either prevent or guarantee the Earth’s destruction… What would that movie be?

A: NICHOLAS NICKLEBY with Charlie Hunnam. It’s all about persevering when things are darkest, the best of us standing up to the worst of us, and the cast represents some of humanity’s finest actors. Not only would we be safe, and I’d anticipate some neon, acidic alien tears, too.

Q: You can live in one pre-existing cinematic universe. Which one do you choose?

A: I’d take the View Askewniverse! Odds are, it’s not gonna end up in a violent death like the Marvel or the Alien/Predator cinematic Universe, it’s full of intelligent lazy nerds like myself, and you know Jay and Silent Bob have the best weed.

Q: What is your favorite music moment in a movie?

A: It’s actually from another movie that is generally despised – THE ALAMO starring Billy Bob Thornton. In the movie, before the climactic assault, the Mexican army plays a death march every night before barraging the Alamo with cannon fire. This goes on for days. One night, Davy Crockett (Thornton) says “I just figured out what it’s missing,” climbs the ramparts, stands in full view of the army and harmonizes the death march with his fiddle. There’s a beat, and the Mexican army doesn’t fire its cannons. Cue Davy: “It’s amazing what a little harmony’ll do.” The moment is beautiful and hopeful in a decidedly hopeless movie, the fiddle music is beautiful, and I will always get chills when I watch that.


That’s a wrap on our interview with Mr. Alex Reynolds! Thanks for reading!