We thought we would try something different for you this week.

Lately, most of out podcasts have revolved around ranking the movies of a franchise, a director, or simply pitting two big movies against one another. We love doing that and think that they make for great podcasts. But that can’t be the only trick up our sleeve.

Alongside our patented “Final Cut” podcasts we are going to be doing “Secret Screenings”.

A “Secret Screening” podcast will have a group of three (or maybe sometimes more) people. One of them will provide a movie that the others have not seen and are not prepared to watch. We will jump on the podcast, announce the film, and then go run off and watch it. The second the movie is over? We get right back to podcasting.

Evan Sawdey suggested this and therefore got to go first.

Check it out:


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P.S. Don’t forget to check out New Millennium Theatre Company’s OLD HOBBITS DIE HARD. It’s going to dwarf all others shows!