If there were any doubts that we are entering the golden age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Hollywood Reporter’s report of Lupita Nyong’o joining Ryan Coogler’s BLACK PANTHER should put those to rest. I’m going to repeat that so that you may soak up every detail of this announcement:

Lupita Nyong’o is in Ryan Coogler’s BLACK PANTHER. 

Lupita has been on a tear lately. After her oscar-winning, breakout role in 12 YEARS A SLAVE she has done some next level performance capture work in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and stole the show with her vocal work in THE JUNGLE BOOK. She is enormously talented and any more that has her in it’s cast is better for it.

I don’t know too many of the BLACK PANTHER female characters outside of his famous marriage to Storm from The X-Men or his intimidating bodyguards, the Dora Milaje. It seems unlikely it’ll be Storm, but I could totally see her playing one of the Dora Milaje. If you wanted to read more speculation, has an awesome article about who she could be playing.

The best part is I’m not even worried about them giving her a part that isn’t worth her incredible talent and time. The creative team in place has earned themselves the benefit of the doubt.

BLACK PANTHER roars onto screens on February 16th, 2018!