Today we have been given trailers to a pair of Sundance hits and Oliver Stone’s version of Edward Snowden. Take a look at these brand new trailers after the jump.

First we have director Oliver Stone’s new movie SNOWDEN which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the titular character. Gordon-Levitt is definitely making a bold choice with what he is doing with his voice (which I hope is stemming from what Snowden sounds like in real life), but over all the movie movie looks rather cliched, preachy, and boring. This movie is screaming at us, “THIS IS IMPORTANT!” and “YOU MUST TAKE US SERIOUSLY” but nothing in this looks that interesting, other than its eclectic cast. I would assume this was an Oscar bait film, but it opens in the middle of September, which is usually a dumping ground month for studios who are not confident in their films. Based off this trailer I see why it is being released on September, 17th and not in the prime months of November or December.

Next we have a Sundance hit CAPTAIN FANTASTIC starring the always reliable Viggo Mortensen as a man who has decided to raise his children off the grid, but tragedy strikes, he is forced to bring his family into the outside world. Viggo received wild acclaim when this film premiered at Sundance, and based off this trailer, I can definitely see why. I really wish he would do more films as he is one of the best actors out there. This is definitely a treat that we get to see him in such a challenging role. Check out CAPTAIN FANTASTIC when is comes to theaters July, 8th.

Out of the three trailers that came out today, the one I am most excited to see is Taika Waititi’s follow up to his wonderful film WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE. The movie looks wildly funny, poignant, and plain old wonderful. I love what he does with these offbeat characters, as he makes sure there more to them other than typical indie film quirkiness. This also gets me even more excited to see what he does with THOR: RAGNAROK. It’ll probably be the most charming of all the films in the MCU. Expect to be delighted when HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE arrives in theaters June, 24th.