We’ve long suspected it, but now it’s official: Robert Downey Jr. will once again play Tony Stark in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING!

Let’s talk about it…

This is not surprising news. It’s been long rumored and makes a ton of sense when you think about it. Sony Pictures was never just going to let Marvel Studios play with their toys (i.e. Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Aunt May) without getting a little love back in return.

I imagine back when the deal was being finalized to have the webslinger feature in the impending Superhero Battle Royale, it was mandatory that one of Marvel Studios’ big characters show up in their upcoming Spidey flick to lend a little more validity to the third reboot of the character in 14 years.

Having their new Spider-Man show up in a big MCU hero vs. hero battle film is one thing, but having Peter swing over to Stark Tower for a little webshooter tune-up and a pep talk from Tony Stark is a whole different story. I can’t imagine that Downey’s role will be very substantial in the film. They don’t want their first solo flick with this new Peter Parker to essentially be a team-up, or else it’ll send a message that their Spider-Man can’t hold his own. This will merely be a scene or two showing the connective tissue of this story back to the MCU and lending Peter a fatherly figure to sass him into making a good decision.

In other news, Michael Keaton won’t play the villain in this movie and everyone is really bummed about that. He was apparently offered the role of The Vulture. In his stead might I suggest Ed Harris or Richard Jenkins? Neither have a superhero film under their belt and they would kill it in a role like this.

I’m just here to help!

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING pumps iron on July 7, 2017!