I’m a sucker for westerns. It’s a genre we rarely get big budget extravaganzas from anymore unless they are directed by Gore Verbinski. And we don’t want those kind of westerns. This year, however, we get a big-budget remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and it’s not directed by Gore Verbinski. Clearly we are doing something right as a society.

Here is the trailer:

Looks pretty damn solid to me! Denzel Washington in the Yul Brynner role and Chris Pratt in the Steve McQueen role? I think that will do just fine. The rest of the ensemble is delightfully diverse and we get a Peter Sarsgaard villain! Anyone who has seen GREEN LANTERN knows that a Peter Sarsgaard villain is something to be worshiped and anticipated in equal measure.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN will astonish us with it’s terrific-ness on September 23rd.