Addiction is a merciless and unforgiving beast. It takes from us our free will, our life force, and often the ones we love. When one of our greatest filmmakers of all-time fall victim to addiction, it’s very important to get it out there and talk about it.

Steven Spielberg has cast Mark Rylance in his next movie, READY PLAYER ONE. This comes on the heels of him announcing his movie after that, THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA, will also star Mark Rylance. These films follow BRIDGE OF SPIES, which co-starred Mark Rylance, and THE BFG, which stars Mark Rylance.

I don’t know if you’re seeing a pattern. I didn’t at first. These things often elude us until it’s too late. But then I took a long, hard look at the paragraph above and noticed that I wrote the words “Mark” and “Rylance” a whole bunch and usually next to each other.

Let’s face it. Steven Spielberg is addicted to Mark Rylance.

I understand the lure of getting hooked on Rylance. He’s got a jovial, English actor thing going on. He seems like a less stressful-to-deal-with Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s got the same acting chops, but won’t punch you in the face if you tell him he’s not actually Abraham Lincoln living in 1865. He seems all innocent and well-mannered enough that you’ll let your guard down. That is when he truly acts. That is when he pounces and weasels his way into your next thirteen films.

Where does this end? Do we find out next week that Rylance will be providing 72-hours worth of mo-cap for Indiana Jones’ whip in the recently announced INDIANA JONES V? Will Rylance be in every single Steven Spielberg movie for the rest of time? What about wonderful aging actors like Gary Oldman and Michael Caine? I bet that they would love to work with Spielberg, but this addiction to Rylance is getting in the way of those poor chap’s dreams.

I’m not saying I have the answer to this problem. I don’t know if anyone does. All I’m saying is that we need to really keep an eye on Steven Spielberg and if he continues down this path?

We may need to stage an intervention.

Britain Shakespeare Folio

Don’t think I don’t know what your up to, Rylance.

I’m onto you…