CinemaCon, a convention for studios to promote their properties to movie theater chains, is currently going on and some really exciting new information has dropped from within it’s walls. The most important? The MCU-ified Spider-Man reboot has a new title and official logo.

Click to check it out!

Here is the title treatment:


First of all, this is a pretty great logo. It really harkens back to the title design from the early days of Spider-Man. I really dig the mini Spider-Man face as the “o” too.

The title is also very exciting for it’s potential multiple meanings. Spider-Man has returned home to Marvel Studios (even though it’s still technically a Sony Pictures property), Spider-Man is searching for his place in the universe, and hopefully the whole thing takes place during homecoming weekend with a massive battle royale occurring at the Homecoming Dance.

I have to imagine we’re very close to getting new info about the movie and casting details out the wazoo.

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.