David Wenham is no stranger to geek culture.

He has played major roles in VAN HELSING, the upcoming PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES, two 300 movies, and most importantly LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS & RETURN OF THE KING.

One of the Filmthusiast editors also worked with him on PUBLIC ENEMIES and says he’s a very nice chap as well.

He’s now adding a Marvel property to his amazing resume.

Marvel.com has announced that Mr. Wenham has joined the expanding cast of their IRON FIST show on Netflix.

He is playing a “ruthless corporate leader” named Harold Meachum who has ties to Danny Rand/Iron Fist’s parents before their untimely demise.

It sounds good to me!

I must admit that the Iron Fist property is in my blind-spot as a Marvel enthusiast. I can only say that I’ve seen his Spider-Man team-up in ULTIMATE TEAM-UP and in a cameo in the amazing DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH mini-series. He seems like a very fun and interesting character with a solid sense of humor. These Netflix shows, while fun in their own way, could definitely use a wise-cracking element. Hopefully Scott Buck (creator), Finn Jones (Danny), and the rest of the team are up for it!