A brand, spanking new X-MEN: APOCALYPSE trailer has been released and, as per usual, Filmthusiast is at the ready to give you our honest opinions on it.

Check it out…

Here is the trailer:

Here are some musings:

-I love that they start the trailer with Fassbender & McAvoy repeating the discussion that McKellan & Stewart had at the end of the very first X-MEN movie. It’s a wonderful touch. I’m starting to get a little excited for this movie.

-So Apocalypse started as a bald Oscar Isaac-looking dude and through the power of rising gold became a big blue/purple monster mutant? Interesting. It also sounds like Oscar Isaac’s voice has been given some post-production love. I can’t say that I’m a fan.

-We get more footage of Apocalypse talking. He looks so goofy. I’m sorry, guys, but I just can’t take this dude seriously. I love me some Llewyn Davis & Poe Dameron, but this Apocalypse dude just looks like a purple push-pop.

-The CGI in this trailer also looks already outdated. The composites just make it look like they are on a green screen stage with some pretty graphic designs behind them. I was hoping that when the first trailer had these same shots it was because they were unfinished. It now appears that this is indicative of the final product.

-I think half of this trailer is comprised of mutants levitating into the air or Apocalypse removing paint jobs from cars. There is just so much of it.

-Wasn’t this new series supposed to be about having fun X-Men movies? What happened to that? You can have a very intense, serious movie while still making it a ton of fun. Why is there melancholy music playing over missile launches and all the X-Men looking super glum. I remember in the comics when every couple of issues the X-Men would go play baseball together… and it was AWESOME.

-They even made Quicksilver really gloomy! At least his running scene looks pretty crazy. It seems like he’s running across the world at a breakneck pace to fight Apocalypse. It reminds me of how The Flash fought Brainiac/Lex Luthor in the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon. I also get the feeling that we may be in for another Quicksilver death…

-Is that Nightcrawler fighting in the fight club ring that we see Wolverine in during the first X-MEN movie? If so… That’s kind of cool.

-Psylocke is pretty damn awesome. She is the only character who looks like she gets to do anything fun. I do wish that her big money moment, flying through the air and cutting the car in half, hadn’t been shown in that super brief Superbowl spot.

-This movie looks really cheap. It seems like it’s either set in the mansion, an office, or in that back-lot rubble set. Or in the air. I did say that most of this trailer is people levitating.

-It also looks like Jennifer Lawrence’s contract will die. I mean Mystique. I guess.

Remember when I was kind of excited for this movie at the beginning of the trailer?

Yeah, me neither…

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Will Levitate on May 27th.