We could fill the front page of Filmthusiast with dozens of articles about trailers, but sometimes we know that our readers want all of their trailers in one short blast. So here, dear readers, is a trailer blast…

First up is MARVEL’S DAREDEVIL. You’ve probably seen what feels like fifteen trailers for the second season by this point. I’ve written what feels like fifteen articles about trailers for the second season at this point. You know what? Lets take a look at this new “Final Trailer” anyways…

It turns out that this is a big, bombastic, fun trailer for then new season of the show. The last two trailers highlighted The Punisher and Elektra as major forces to reckon with in the new season, but this trailer is all about spectacle. It seems like the stakes are far higher this season than they were in the last one. The real question is if these new antagonists can be as compelling as Wilson Fisk. We will find out this Friday…

Next up we have the new Tom Twyker/Tom Hanks movie, A HOLOGRAM FOR A KING.

This trailer feels like it is for two movies. It’s all over the place. I will, however, be interested in seeing the reviews. Twyker is an interesting director and you have to be a rat bastard to ever root against Hanks.


Okay, so this is Tim Burton’s X-MEN? While I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a Tim Burton movie, I actually think this is a pretty decent trailer. The various “Peculiar Children” look very fun and that hint of a villainous Sam Jackson at the end does pique my interest. Let’s keep an eye on this one, shall we?

And lastly we have the red band NSFW trailer for POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING.

I’m a little underwhelmed by the trailer. Samberg can be a good talent, but it’s the other two members of The Lonely Island that I find to be the most funny and interesting. The whole supporting cast does look pretty wonderful. Hopefully this is a bad trailer for a really good movie. We could all use a modern day THIS IS SPINAL TAP.