Today has a been a big day for animated films as we have the first full trailer for FINDING DORY and the first trailer for the newest ICE AGE film. We also have some exciting news about BIG HERO 6 that you’re going to want to check out.

The brand new trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to FINDING NEMO has been released and I think it looks wonderful. All of your favorite characters are back and this time the story focuses on the standout star from the first film, Dory. I hope they are able to continue to give depth to her character and not rely on simple jokes about her short-term memory. Given that this is a Pixar film, I am not too worried about the quality. I just hope this will be more like TOY STORY 3 and less like CARS 2. You can see FINDING DORY when it splashes into theaters June 17th, 2016.


I didn’t realize that people were demanding another ICE AGE film, but I guess the studio thought they would needed a 5th movie. Yes, you read that right, a 5th, ICE AGE movie. The film follows the possible destruction of the world caused by Scrat, who accidentally sends an asteroid hurling towards the Earth while he is chasing that ever elusive acorn inside an UFO. I am going to be honest and tell you that this series is not for me. The franchise, however, has been around for 14 years and still generates a lot of money, so I can see why they keep coming back. The trailer is pretty vague about whether this is the last film of the franchise or a brand new beginning. We will have to wait and see how ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE does when it opens July 22nd, 2016.

/Film has dropped the exciting news that Disney is turning the wonderful BIG HERO 6 into a television show. It will debut on Disney X.D. at some point in 2017. This is such a great idea as I feel BIG HERO 6 could excel as a television show focusing in on the team and their adventures. I am also excited about the show runners behind BIG HERO 6. They ran the classic Disney animated show KIM POSSIBLE which had a great mixture of action, adventure, humor, and heart. I feel like the show is in good hands, and if they can handle this property with the same respect that they handle STAR WARS: REBELS, Disney will be looking as another huge hit.