As promised at the tail-end of last weeks first full DAREDEVIL: Season 2 trailer, we have a second one more focused on Elektra and the villainous The Hand.

Check it out:

I think that they could have used footage from both of these trailers and cut a really good single trailer that would show how these story-lines will co-exist throughout the season.

It’s still a good trailer.

It’s also very nice to see a character like Elektra, who was the subject of one of the very worst comic book movies, handled with such care and passion for the source material. It is also great to see that The Hand will be featured prominently this season. They are essentially Marvel’s Ninja Hydra and have been a thorn in the side of characters like Daredevil, Wolverine, and Spider-Man for many years.

Reviews for the first four episodes are starting to pour in from critics who got early screeners and they are mostly positive. In a thirteen episode season, I’m sure that four episodes barely lays the foundation for what will go down in the remaining nine.

Get ready to binge DAREDEVIL: Season 2 on March 18th.