The final trailer for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE has been unleashed and it throws everything that this movie has in it’s arsenal at you.

And it kind of works.

Here is the trailer:

Some quick thoughts:

-That opening with Batman fighting all those goons in a warehouse is the kind of thing we’ve been waiting for since this movie was announced. In a few short moments we see Batman’s personality, his fighting style, his sense of humor, and even his rapport with Alfred. It’s energetic, moody, and pretty bad-ass. All things you want from a Batman.

-There aren’t any big story beats revealed in this trailer. That is also good, because the last two trailers gave away the entire film as far as I’m concerned.

-There isn’t much in the way of Superman in this trailer, but I’m okay with it. We all saw MAN OF STEEL. We know that we aren’t going to love this iteration of the character.

-That being said… I’m pretty sure we see Clark Kent climb into a bathtub with Lois Lane. Maybe this movie will actually give us the fun romance that these two characters are famous for.

-Superman catching a bullet will never get old.

-“I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me.” Wonder Woman speaks! FINALLY!

-Wonder Woman also jumps and it’s pretty damn cool.

-Looks like the Batplane gets a ton of use in this movie. I’m not against that! It’s just an observation. Get off my back! Jeez…

-This movie looks really, really dark. Not in tone, but in brightness. I hope I’m able to see it when it comes out. I don’t mean in a theater, but with my human eyes.

-Ma Kent breaks a coffee cup and looks scared. I’m guessing she gets into a little trouble herself in this one.

-Last shot is Superman trying to punch Batman… and he can’t. Maybe someone got their hands on a little kryptonite?

This was a very fun trailer overall. I have to imagine that the public opinion of this movie would be a lot more positive if they had only released this trailer and the comic-con footage back in August.