Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that cameras are rolling on the currently untitled sequel to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

Here are some lingering questions…

Who are the new cast members besides Benicio Del Toro and who are they playing?

Will we further explore the Knights of Ren?

Is Kylo Ren/Ben Solo’s face okay? Does he need that mask for real now?

Is Supreme Leader Snoke pulling a WIZARD OF OZ on his constituents?

Does Rey get to keep the Millennium Falcon? Because that would be so cool…

Who are Rey’s parents? Does she even have any? Is she a clone? TELL ME!

What is Lando Calrissian up to these days?

What is the official title for STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII?

Will we learn more about Maz Kanata and her mysterious ties to the force?

Will Leia finally give Chewie that hug he needs after Han’s death?

Are Rey and Finn going to hook up?

Are Finn and Poe going to hook up?

Are Chewie and Maz Kanata going to hook up?

Is anyone going to hook up?!?

Will Captain Phasma have a substantial role this time around?

Does General Hux get to do anything extremely nasty in this one?

Will Boba Fett return?


Hopefully these will all be answered on December 15th, 2017.