It should come to no surprise that STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS demolished the box office and broke many records over the weekend. But how well did it actually do?

Simple answer, amazingly. Not only did it break JURASSIC WORLD’s biggest domestic opening weekend, but it also shut down it’s worldwide opening total, and that was also without it opening in China yet. (China is the leader when it comes to international numbers) In America alone, STAR WARS made a staggering $247mil, besting JURASSIC WORLD’s $207mil it made back in June. It also topped JURASSIC WORLD’s worldwide opening weekend gross $524.9mil with $529mil. And now, STAR WARS broke another record for largest Monday gross with $40mil. In other words, the film cannot stop making money. And with it being Christmas week, everyone will be heading to the theaters to see STAR WARS for a second, or fourth, time.

Then other two film that opened, performed just as I had expected. ROAD CHIP did exactly what I said it would with $14mil, which makes me sad that people actually spent money to see this film. SISTERS actually performed a little better than I expected, making a decent $13.9mil. These aren’t outstanding numbers, but they should hold well during┬áthe holiday week and both should become mid-level hits by the end of their run in the theaters.


ROAD CHIP – $14mil

SISTERS – $13.9mil