Earlier this week, UPROXX posted an article stating that STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS will not be featuring a mid or post credit scene. This might seem like a frivolous unimportant piece of news, but is it? Have we now been trained that if we go see a blockbuster film that’s a part of a huge franchise, that there will automatically be an post credit scene? Dave thought it was stupid, but I think this was an important article, and here’s why…

By this time, we have stayed in our seats, watched 10 minutes of credits to watch a short scene that may contain a huge twist, a quick teaser for the sequel, or something silly. Yes, these examples are form Marvel films, but they’re not the only ones that do it, they’ve just perfected it. If you see a Marvel movie, you know you’ll be staying to see what will happen next, but who else has tried this tactic?


When I did some quick research, I came upon a Wikipedia article listing all the films that have and post credits scene, and I was surprised by how long it was. Now, not all the films on this list have end credit scenes that function like a Marvel film, but it did remind me of older films that have used this tactic. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise used the end credits scenes for as funny antidotes but also to give some resolution, as they did with AT WORLD’S END, in which we see Orlando Bloom’s character Will Turner visiting Kiera Knightly’s character Elizabeth Swan back on land to see that they have a child.


In the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise, they started to use this end tag after FAST 5, and they have kept this trend going for FAST AND FURIOUS 6, but for their 7th film, they didn’t do a post credit scene, but they did have a wonderful tribute to Paul Walker at the end of the film. The FAST AND FURIOUS films used their end credit scenes as cliffhangers for the audience to get excited for the next films. I thought they were great as with FAST 5, we get to see Eva Mendes’ character, who was last seen in 2 FAST, 2 FURIOUS (still the best title of the franchise) as she drops the bomb that Michelle Rodriguez’s character, Letty, is alive after we thought she was dead in FAST FURIOUS. The biggest twist is the end credit scene in FAST AND FURIOUS 6, when we realize that all the films after TOKYO DRIFT were actually prequels to that film. This is some ballsy film making, but they pulled it off nicely.

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The XMEN franchise has also been giving us these post credit scenes starting with XMEN: LAST STAND and up to DAYS OF FUTURES PAST. All of these work as teasers for the following films. I think this is an effective to keep audiences on their toes and invested in the stories they are trying to tell.


Now, the biggest culprit of using these post credit scenes is Marvel, as I have pointed out earlier. From IRON MAN up to ANT-MAN, they have been teasing us with these scene from the very beginning. As there have been 12 movies in the MCU franchise, at this point, it is to be expected. As these are some of the biggest films of all time, this is why I think people assumed it would also bleed over in to the new STAR WARS franchise. Even though THE FORCE AWAKENS is not using a post credit scene, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the films wont as well.

These are only a couple of examples of films that use post credit scenes, but at this point, I truly believe we have now been trained to think that if it is a huge franchise film, that they will treat us with a juicy post credit scene. As I was doing my research for this article, I stumbled upon a website that is dedicated to posting if film have a post credit scene or not. Also, the YouTube Channel WatchMojo has two separate videos listing the best post credit scenes. When a whole website dedicated to something like this, and then add videos counting down the best scenes, it makes all the more sense on why they needed to make a press release stating that there isn’t going to be a post credit scene at the end of STAR WARS. If they didn’t, I am sure there were going to be many pissed off fans who thought they were cheated. But probably not as they will be mostly likely in awe of how amazing the whole film was.

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