What a strange turn of events we had here over the weekend. Usually a very sleepy weekend turned into a weekend full of surprises and disappointments. See how everything went down after the jump.

Even though MOCKINGJAY – PART 2 took the #1 spot for a third weekend in a row with $18.8mil, the real winner over the weekend was KRAMPUS, which made a surprising $16mil. This is much bigger than most analysts had predicted, and it’s another win for Universal Studio’s already record breaking year. With a reported budget of only $15mil, this is an amazing number for the Christmas themed horror comedy. I am guessing the cost of marketing was smaller for this film, so here on out, it is going to be pure profit. It makes me happy when you see a small film like this competently surprise everyone and become a success. The only question now will be how well it will hold up in the upcoming weekends. Horror films tend to fall rather quickly, but as it is the only horror film out there, and with the Christmas theme, maybe it’ll hold up well. I would like to see it continue stronger numbers like it has shown already.

In its second weekend, THE GOOD DINOSAUR is proving to be the worst box office performer for the usually indestructible Pixar as it fell a very sharp 60% making only $15.3mil for a total of $75.7mil so far. The only other Pixar film to fall this sharply was CARS 2 back in 2011. At this point it looks as though it will also be the lowest grossing Pixar film as well, as I don’t see it bouncing back after this, even with Christmas coming up. Pixar is usually such a sure bet, and after the stellar INSIDE OUT back in June, I guess the expectations for GOOD DINOSAUR were just too high, and with the trouble production history, and the good but not great reviews, it wasn’t able to shake off the negative press and become a solid hit. I guess you can’t win them all. I always thought CARS would the be the one to bring Pixar down, but sadly it was THE GOOD DINOSAUR.

I got a little ahead of myself with CREED. As you could have probably guessed with my prediction on Friday, I love the film. At this time, I think it is the best movie of the year, and because of that, I want it to make all of the money and I let that influence my prediction. CREED was able to hold on strong with only a 49% drop in its second weekend making a sold $14.9mil for a total of $64mil. With a reported budget of only $35mil, this is a fantastic box office performance so far. I hope it continues to have small drops in the coming up weekends, and that it will be able to take advantage of the awards buzz it has been getting, and cross the $100mil mark, which is still very possible.

MOCKINGJAY – PART 2 – $18.8mil

KRAMPUS – $16mil


CREED – $14.9mil