The brand new trailer for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE has arrived and it looks like it is a complete mess. Check out the trailer and our thoughts below…

Here is the trailer that debuted on Jimmy Kimmel:

Our quick thoughts…

-Nice first meeting between Bruce and Clark. Actually appears to be an interesting scene where they debate their alter-egos without the other knowing who they areĀ actually talking to.

-Whoa. Lex Luthor is too much in the trailer. Way too much. I don’t know what he is going for but it’t not working. I was all for Jesse Eisenberg as Lex… But I thought he’d be playing Lex Luthor and not Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face from BATMAN FOREVER.

-There is so much footage recycled from the last two trailers in this one. Is the movie 27 minutes long? Do you think that they have more? Should we make some for them?

-Maybe it’s just the editing of this trailer, but this seems scatter-brained. The editing really doesn’t help. There are so many jolty quick cuts that it is hard to get a read on any scene.

-For the first epic on-screen showdown between Batman & Superman… This looks incredibly boring. Is it just going to be the two of them firing stuff at each other and pushing each other through walls and roofs?

-“Stay down! If I wanted it… You’d be dead already!” says Superman trying to stop Batman from provoking a fight by provoking him with potential death. Superman, if you want to stop this fight: Stop fighting. Threatening your opponent doesn’t usually end fights.

-Doomsday is in this movie?? And he’s the reanimated corpse of Zod?? And he is a completely generic CGI monster? Oh boy… I didn’t think it was going to be this bad.

-Wonder Woman shows up. Superman asks “She with you?” and Batman responds, “I thought she was with you.” End of trailer. End of cinematic bowel movement. End of interest.

Good luck.