Wow, I completely missed the mark for the predictions I made, as all the new films that opened over the weekend made considerably less than what I had expected.

It is a strange world that we in in where a movie can open with more than $100mil in a weekend and still be considered a failure. THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 2 falls into that category as the final installment only made $102mil. Now, for any other film, that would be considered a huge success, but when you look back at that the other HUNGER GAMES film made in their first weekends, it is much less then even it’s previous lowest opening. Last year, PART 1 opened with a franchise low of “only” $121mil, and that was considered a disappointment, but I didn’t think it was that unusual because with other big franchises where they split the final film in two, usually the first part opens low, but the final film will make up for the first one, i.e HARRY POTTER and THE TWILIGHT SERIES. It is strange for me that THE HUNGER GAMES did not follow suit and it’s final film will now be the lowest grossing of all the films. I am not exactly sure why it didn’t connect with audiences over the weekend, as the films reviews were better than PART 1, and it has such a huge fan-base, I thought they’d all come out to see the final film. Maybe it’ll do better over Thanksgiving week as kids are not in school for the holiday and maybe people were thinking the theater would be crowded so they’d wait it out. Even if the film has somewhat strong legs in the box office, this “small” of opening will completely affect it’s final total, and the film is not going to go out with a bang, but with a whimper, which is too bad because THE HUNGER GAMES franchise has been so good up to this point. I am still not quite sure it didn’t do as well as I had thought.

THE NIGHT BEFORE also performed much worse than I had originally thought. I guess I’m just a big fan of Seth Rogen and the rest of the cast that I thought it’d do better, but it only made $9.8mil over the weekend, which is not very good. Maybe it’ll hold well over this holiday times, we’ll have to wait and see.

SECRET IN THEIR EYES performed as I expected, as it failed to reach a broad audience and it made $6.6mil. This one was a tough sell, as the film dealt with a heavy subject matter, and a poor release date. I know the studio was hoping for awards attention, but with its reviews, I don’t expect the film to stay around very long in theaters.

SPECTRE was definitely affected by MOCKINGJAY opening this past weekend as it fell a sharp 55% making $15mil over the weekend. for a three week total of $154mil. At this point, it will have no problem topping QUANTUM¬†OF SOLACE’s $168mil to become the second highest grossing Bond film.¬†THE PEANUTS MOVIE held on nicely with only a 45% drop with $13mil over the weekend for a three week total is now at $99mil.




SPECTRE – $15mil