The box office played out pretty much exactly the way I had predicted as the new films flopped and the the holdovers from last week reigned supreme.

SPECTRE held on very nicely, dropping only 52%, making an excellent $33.6mil in its second weekend for total of $128mil. This is a great hold for a Bond film, as most tend to have a sharper drop in their second weekends. SKYFALL fell 53.5% in its second weekend and QUANTUM OF SOLACE took a very sharp 60.4%. I’m not going to lie, I am really surprised it held on this well and the movie isn’t very good or fun. Even the worst of Bond films are fun, but this one was so boring and uninteresting. I would have expected fans of the franchise would have turned people away, but that obviously wasn’t the case. The real question now will be how well it will hold up against MOCKINGJAY – PART 2 when it opens on Friday. If it hold on well against HUNGER GAMES, it should bring its final box office potential to past $200mil.

To my surprise, THE PEANUTS MOVIE took a bigger hit than I expected as it made $24mil over the weekend. Its percentage drop was only 45%, but for an animated family film, this is the same as a huge action film dropping more than 60%. I thought it would hold on a little better, but over the two weeks, it has made $82mil so far. Its production budget is a mere $99mil (small for a film like this), so it’ll definitely make enough to cover its budget and eventually make a profit once it hits the home market.

As I have predicted, the new films that opened barely made a mark on the charts. The best of the bunch was LOVE THE COOPERS with $8mil. This is a little less than I originally thought, but the studio should be happy as expectations were very low for this to do anything. I don’t know how long the film will stay in the theaters, but it might get a slight bump with Thanksgiving coming up around the corner.

THE 33 wasn’t able to to draw in a big audience making a small $5.7mil. Maybe it’ll have good word of mouth and hold well for the coming up weekends, but with a start like that, there’s not much more it can do at the box office.

MY ALL AMERICAN was not able to find an audience at all as it made a paltry $1.3mil. That’s what happens when a movie studio barely advertises their film. I expect this movie to be completely gone from theaters by the first weekend of December.

SPECTRE – $33.6mil



THE 33 – $5.7mil