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For the second weekend of November, it’s like the studios aren’t even trying as all the new releases are predicted to bomb, giving SPECTRE another easy win and stay at the top.

SPECTRE will have no trouble staying the #1 movie over this lackluster weekend. Since the reviews are not as strong as SKYFALL, it will definitely fall a lot sharper than it predecessor in its second weekend in theaters and make $32mil by Sunday. I’m guessing the studios were expecting SPECTRE to perform better than it is, but it is still on its way to being the second highest grossing Bond film of the franchise, and they should be happy with that.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE wont fall as sharp as SPECTRE, as animated films tend hold on much stronger than big actions films. Because of this, it will only dip slightly and make a nice $29mil. PEANUT still has two more full weeks before it has direct competition with THE GOOD DINOSAUR, so it still have plenty of time to do well at the box office.

There are three movies opening wide this weekend, and not one of them looks like it’ll make any sort of impact on the charts. The best of the bunch looks like it’ll be the ensemble comedy, LOVE THE COOPERS. This is your typical star studded holiday ensemble comedy with generic one-dimensional characters and a so-so plot. Studios love to put films out like these all the time, and they are all essentially the same. Generally, these films are cheap to make, so it doesn’t really matter if they bomb. LOVE THE COOPERS should take advantage of being the first holiday themed film out there and make $12mil over the weekend. I don’t expect much after that, as the reviews are the worst of the bunch, so I doubt word of mouth will help make it a mid-level hit. When I say mid-level hit, I referring to a film with a modest budget (generally 20-45mil) and it’s final total at the box office is between $60-90mil.

I guess I was expecting a lot out of THE 33, which is a film based off the Chilean miners trapped underground after the collapse of the mine, as it looked like to be perfect Oscar bait with an all-star cast, but the review are in and they are middling. I was hoping this could have been a breakout hit, but this is a type of film the relies on good reviews to bring in an audience, it doesn’t have it. I do think people will be interested in seeing this story portrayed and make an okay $8mil, but it will mostly be forgotten by the end of the week.

MY ALL AMERICAN, a football film written and directed by the same guy that made RUDY, about another small guy who wants to play college football, but this time he has cancer! There is absolutely no buzz and I have barely seen any marketing for the film, and I suspect that by reading this article, this is the first time you’ve even heard of the film. Because of all these factors, I don’t expect the film to gross more than $2mil by Sunday.

SPECTRE – 32mil



THE 33 – $8mil


This Week in Box Office History: On this exact weekend in 2001, the very first Harry Potter film opened with 90mil, kicking off one of the most successful film franchises in movie history. By the end of all 8 films, the franchise made an astounding $2.3 billion dollars.