On behalf of Mitch and myself, I want to thank you for reading the site these past few months. It’s been a beautiful journey full of STAR WARS, fun think pieces, STAR WARS, Box Office speculations, STAR WARS, Marvel movies, and STAR WARS. I want to apologize for the lack of STAR WARS coverage. It’s clearly something you want and I feel bad for holding out on you. I’ll work to correct this fatal error in the future. I promise. Otherwise, you seem to be enjoying it almost as much as we enjoy writing for it! Wait… Why am I writing this right now?

This is the one hundredth post on Filmthusiast! That’s why!

So let’s pump the breaks, throw on some funk, and talk about my favorite subject: The future.

I love the future and why wouldn’t I? It’s a wondrous time comprised of flying cars, jetpacks, an amazing colony on Mars, and the elimination of all diseases. Filmthusiast in the future is something that I give a lot of thought to as well.

What can this little website become? What the hell is it now? What do you want it to be?

We really want to know!

Please comment on this page, drop us a line on our Facebook page, or just corner us on the street with a half-full (never half –empty!) can of mace and let us know what your dreams are for this website.

100 down.

15,000,000 to go.