November opened with a big weekend, but were SPECTRE and THE PEANUTS MOVIE able to defy expectations, click the jump to find out.

SPECTRE was put in a very tough situation. It had the impossible task to try and top SKYFALL, which is the most successful Bond film, both critically and financially. To put it simple, expectations were very high for SPECTRE to perform extremely well, which it kind of did. The Bond films don’t have a history of opening huge like a MARVEL film wold, but they have always been very predicable and solid hits. But after SKYFALL opened to a franchise record of $88mil, with a final total of $304, it made it seem as anything is possible. So with all these given circumstances, SPECTRE opened with $70mil, which is the second biggest opening for the franchise. Yes, it didn’t come that close to SKLYFALL’s opening, and highly doubt it’ll have as long of legs as it did too, but it should end up being the second highest grossing of the franchise as well and end around $180mil. It does have tough competition when the final HUNGER GAMES movie opens in two weeks, which is why I don’t think it’ll break $200mil.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE did well against SPECTRE, making a solid $44mil. The Bond films have a history of opening up against animated films, and it performed on par with the other films, so I expect it to also have a similar run at the box office. The only thing is that it will have to complete directly with GOOD DINOSAUR in a couple of weeks, which will reduce its box potential considerably. It’s hard for any film to compete with a PIXAR film, not matter if it’s an animated film or not.

SPECTRE – $70mil


Both films should hold on real well in this coming up weekend as there really isn’t a film that will put up any sort of fight. It’ll be their last chance to really perform as the weekend after MOCKINGJAY PART 2 will be taking over the charts.