I am so glad October is finally over, as it was such a lame month for films. Only THE MARTIAN was able to to excite people to go to the theaters, but the first weekend of of November should turn that all around as two big films will be opening.

The latest James Bond film SPECTRE is opening today and it should continue the success of SKYFALL and open big. Now, the reviews are nowhere as good as SKYFALL, but that shouldn’t deter Bond fanatics from going to the theater. I don’t expect SPECTRE to top SKYFALL’s opening weekend, but it should come close with $85mil. Now, where the reviews will really take its toll on the film will be in the following weeks. Yes, it’ll have a big opening, but I doubt it will be able to match SKYFALL’s $304mil in total gross. It should still be the second highest grossing picture of the franchise, but it will end considerably less that SKYFALL did.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE is acting as counter programming against SPECTRE, and it should take advantage of being the first family film to be released since HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 back at the end of September. The film is earning great reviews, and with such lovable and classic characters, it’ll doing very nicely over the weekend and make a solid $50mil.

SPECTRE – $85mil


This Weekend in Box Office History: On this exact weekend in 1997, the now cult classic film STARSHIP TROOPERS opened at the #1 spot with $22mil.