Some movies are amazing. Some movies aren’t. And then there are the movies that feel like they could have been something really special if they had only taken a little bit more time with the script. They are one notes session away from having a great movie on their hands, but instead they settled for being a disappointment.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is one of those movies.

Hi Bryan,

It’s your buddy, Studio Exec, from Fox. I gave your new X-MEN script a read and had a few thoughts. Here they are:

-Neat prologue setting up the story! It’s a lot of fun and does a great job setting up the stakes of this movie. If this is the big mutant vs. robot fight you’re starting the movie with… I can’t wait to see the epic battle you end with! Just one note here: I don’t remember Kitty Pryde having these powers in the comics. Are there any other time traveling mutants you can bring into play here?

DF-02072 - (from left): Sun Spot (Adan Canto), Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page), Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) and Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) prepare for an epic battle to save their kind.

-Mystique’s transformative powers are what give the Sentinels the ability to take on other mutant’s powers? You do realize that you’ve well established that she can’t do that. That is Rogue. Remember her? You cut her out of this thing.

-I have no issue with sending Wolverine back in time. We all love Hugh Jackman and especially love him in this role. Awesome butt shot! My wife is going to love that! You do, however, make the weird decision to not allow him to do anything physical without disrupting the timeline. He’s Wolverine. We want him to slash stuff!

DF-07871 Hugh Jackman as Logan in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

-Xavier is taking drugs that allow him to walk, but renders him powerless when it comes to his telepathy? That’s really annoying. Why would that ever be the case? How is there a cure for paralysis back in the 1970s? You made THE USUAL SUSPECTS. You’re better than this. Here’s the thing: Why can’t he just be sad? His friends all left, he closed the school, he doesn’t use Cerebro. Why can’t you leave it at that?

-You have cast Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask! That’s terrific! He’s an amazing actor and has a ton of heat from that GAME OF THRONES show my kid watches! I could care less that Bill Duke played this same character in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and looks nothing like Dinklage… But you made the unforgivable decision to not give Dinklage anything to do! He has no character and he is completely underdeveloped. Shame on you.


-This Pentagon prison break sequence is incredible! Who cares that your subtitle places the Pentagon in Washington D.C. rather than it’s actual location of Arlington, Virginia! Who cares that you used Quicksilver and made him nothing like Quicksilver except for being fast! I mean, you could have made him Northstar and had it be incredible, but who cares! The sequence is great! I can’t wait to see what he does next! He doesn’t factor into the movie whatsoever after this scene? That seems stupid. Put him in the rest of the movie.

-I know that Jennifer Lawrence is a movie star and she needs to have a big part in this thing, but these sequences of her infiltrating headquarters, army camps, parties, and airports are super tedious. She is constantly infiltrating places and it doesn’t really do anything to move the story forward. You even have a big reveal of her to the public and it’s videotaped!  I love that you change her arc from becoming a villain to becoming good again, but you really don’t set it up in any way. She just kind of walks around until Xavier believes in himself enough to say the right thing to her. Giving her a ton of screen time is not the same as giving her a good part.


-Beast is the Hulk in this movie. Part of what makes Beast’s character so interesting is that he is a super genius trapped in an animal’s body. You made it so he can opt out of that whenever. You really fold quick in your dealings with these actor’s agents, don’t you?

-I’m going to be honest with you, Bryan… It doesn’t seem like much is happening in this movie. There are a few good jokes and a couple decent character beats, but other than that there is just nothing going on. It’s just not exciting. You should figure out a way, somehow, to make a time travel movie about mutants with superpowers exciting. I know that’s asking a lot.


-You’re building the whole movie up to a massive battle royale between mutants and the robots designed to destroy them in two different timelines and it ends with a wet fart! There’s no massive battle! There is a small battle in the future, sure, but there is nothing even remotely resembling a battle in the past. You have the opportunity to have a huge battle between mutants and robots where you can cut between two different timelines, having the actions of one effect the other in exciting ways. This is the kind of sequence that most action movies could not even dream about having! Instead, you decided to have Magneto show back up as the villain again and drop a football stadium on the White House lawn. This is dumb. Your nice leisurely beginning and middle must lead to a rousing finish. You did not do this.

-I do like that Wolverine wakes back up in the present day and it’s all different and everyone who died is alive and happy and still dating. It’s kind of sweet. You did totally erase every single movie that has been made about the X-Men up until now. You also did a quasi-reboot one movie before your four leads contracts are up. This might have been a good movie to have made as their last one. It would explain how everything changed and given you room to start fresh in the modern era with a new cast. Oh well. This was fine.

Your Pal,

Studio Exec

P.S. Make Apocalypse more fun.