Oh boy. It was not a good weekend for any new film opening as each and every single one completely flopped. None could even top the lowest of low expectations, leaving room for an old favorite to top the box office once again.

Wow, I have never seen a group of films fail as much as they did this past weekend. Usually when we get this many films opening, at least one will exceed expectations and perform admirably, but that’s not what happened and audiences completely avoided them. The “best” (I use that term very lightly) was THE LAST WITCH HUNTER with $10.8mil. With a projected film budget of $80-90mil, this is a horrible opening. If Lionsgate was expecting to turn this into a franchise, all hope is lost for that ever happening now.

Speaking of franchises, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION  ended the once lucrative series on a whimper making a measly $8mil. I guess people weren’t interested in seeing how the whole thing ended.

I got a little ahead of himself when it came to STEVE JOBS. I thought its great limited release numbers would translate when it opened wide, but that is not what happened. The film only made $7mil over the weekend, which is disheartening. Maybe opening the film in October wasn’t the best strategy. What they should have done was wait until December to do the limited run around the holiday and expand wide in January. The only problem with that is, a little film called STAR WARS will opening in December, and it will demolish any film in its way, big or small. I have a feeling that the studio wanted to avoid that so they used the same strategy in October, but sadly it failed. I hope this doesn’t dampen Fassbender’s chances at awards glory as I think he’s one of the best actors out there and he has given such amazing and powerful performances over his career that it’s about time he gets the recognition he deserves.

I already had very low exceptions for ROCK THE KASBAH and JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, but wow, they both really missed the mark, and that’s putting it lightly. ROCK THE KASBAH did slightly better over the weekend making $1.4mil whereas JEM made $1.3mil. Both have been completely thrashed by the critics, (some die hard JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS fans have even sent the director death threats because of the film) so expect both these films to be gone from theaters by the time PEANUTS and SPECTRE open at the beginning of November.

Since none of the new films were able to do anything, the top three spots were held by holdovers. THE MARTIAN is back at the #1 spot taking over GOOSEBUMPS (but not by much) with $15.7mil. After a month of being in the theaters, THE MARTIAN has made a solid $166mil. It should have one more good weekend, as this weeks contenders look even worse than last weeks and I expect it to be at the top one last time. GOOSEBUMPS held on well, only falling 34% with $15.5mil and an early total of $43.7mil. The film should hold well again this weekend since Halloween is on Saturday and families will want something spooky and fun to take their kids to. BRIDGE OF SPIES also held on very well, with a small dip of 26% making $11.3mil with a two week total of $32.5mil. That is an okay number, and I expected to the film to do better with the pedigree of people behind it. If it has another small dip next weekend, it should keep the studio happy.

This was a very sad weekend, but I don’t expect much next. Let’s hope The first weekend of November will bring things back to normal.

THE MARTIAN – 15.7mil

GOOSEBUMPS – 15.5mil




STEVE JOBS – $7mil