Welcome to the Casting Corner! Here we help out the casting directors of the world by picking and choosing the best performers for movies that have yet to be cast.

This week we have the future revamp of JAMES BOND!

Daniel Craig is still going strong with SPECTRE, but his tenure as Bond can’t last forever. At some point they are going to need to revamp the series with a new cast.

Here are our choices:

JAMES BOND: Michiel Huisman

Michiel Huisman as Daario Naharis in "Game of Thrones" Season 4. (Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO)

A non-British Bond! I would have him adopt a British dialect for the part, but I think that Michiel Huisman would be an extraordinary new Bond. In GAME OF THRONES he has displayed everything you could possibly need for a new incarnation of the secret agent. He’s also on the younger side and would be able to have a nice, long tenure as the deadly Bond.

M: Emma Thompson


I loved Judi Dench as M. She was incredible and when she left the franchise in SKYFALL is was a loss that was really felt. I think that another strong, female M is in order after Ralph Fiennes leaves the franchise. Emma Thompson is simply the only choice for the role. I would love to see her M be the same kind of passionate, flawed character as the one she played in STRANGER THAN FICTION. Honestly, it’s Thompson or bust.

BLOFELD: Matthew McConaughey 


I’m not sure if they are bringing Blofeld back into the fold in the upcoming SPECTRE, but regardless it would be nice to have Bond facing off against a long-term opponent. McConaughey would be a wonderful, charismatic version of the super villain. He would bring a ruthless charm and deadly focus to the character. Something along the lines of his work in KILLER JOE and MAGIC MIKE.

Q: Daniel Kaluuya


I love the direction that SKYFALL took Q by making him younger and hipper. I would take this Q a bit further by making him more of a field agent. His role alongside Bond would be in the vein of what they have done with Simon Pegg in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise. Daniel Kaluuya proved to be a very impressive actor with his turns in BLACK MIRROR and SICARIO. He would knock this out of the park.

MONEYPENNY: Gugu Mbatha-Raw


Just like Q, I loved the direction that SKYFALL took Moneypenny by making her a capable field agent. Again, I would go even further. I don’t think M really needs a secretary, so let’s have Moneypenny be another 00 agent. She is in an “anything you can do, I can do better” type friendly rivalry with Bond. Mbatha-Raw has proven time and time again that she is both a wonderful actress and extremely physically capable.

FELIX LEITER: Mark Ruffalo


Felix Leiter is Bond’s world-weary, American spy buddy and I don’t think there is a better choice for the role than Mark Ruffalo. He would be great fit for this and would be able to bring a fun, exasperated sense of humor to the massive spectacle of a James Bond movie.

TANNER: Michelle Dockery

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Tanner is usually a male character, but I love the idea of M and her chief-of-staff being female. Daniel Craig’s iteration of Bond has had some very strong female characters and I think we can go even further with it. Michelle Dockery of DOWNTON ABBEY would be a terrific fit for the non-nonsense government agent.