Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) Ph: David James ©Lucasfilm 2015

Last night the full theatrical trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS was unleashed and it took the world by storm. But you know that. You were there. You saw it. That’s not why you are here. You’re here because, like me, you saw the trailer and had a million questions about the movie.

Let’s look at the trailer one more time.

Now let’s break this trailer down…


The first shot of the trailer is of Daisy Ridley’s Rey in masked scavenger mode. Her mask seems to be made up of the lenses from a stormtrooper’s helmet. She appears to be looking for something, but it’s unclear what that something is.


She seems to be searching around the remains of an old Star Destroyer on Jakku. A voice, who I believe to be Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata, says “Who are you?”


There is a very David Lean-esque shot of Rey and the adorable BB-8 walking across the desert on Jakku. Rey says “I’m no one.”


This is an awesome shot of Rey looking wistfully off into the distance. I’m getting a strong Luke Skywalker/Twin Suns vibe from this. Who is she? Why is she alone on this desert planet? The last Star Wars character who was stuck on a desert planet turned out to be the son of the main villain. Is Rey, whose last name is unknown, related to anyone that we might know?


Here’s a shot that we’ve seen of The First Order. This time we get to hear a little bit of what this rally sounds like and it has a serious Nazi vibe going on. Very eerie.


Now we see John Boyega’s Finn, who is having a crisis of faith about being a Stormtrooper for the First Order. “I was raised to do one thing.” We seem to be getting slowly introduced to the three main characters of this movie via quick shots and voice-over.


“But I’ve got nothing to fight for.” He says as his TIE Fighter plummets to the surface of Jakku. We’ve seen from previous trailers and the Comic-Con reel that he crashes and “awakens” still in full Stormtrooper regalia.


Another beautiful desert shot on Jakku. Boyega seems to have found new duds pretty quickly after his TIE Fighter crash landed on the surface. He is looking down at what seems to be a village much like Mos Eisley on Tatooine.


We get our third introductory bit with Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, who seems to be more of a lead in the film than Oscar Isaacs’ Poe Dameron. “Nothing will stand in our way.” He is looking out at something from the bridge of what appears to be a newfangled Star Destroyer. Or is it? He might be on the bridge of the space weapon that can be seen on the film’s poster. The red hue could be the effects of said weapon as seen later on in the trailer.


“I will finish…” He says looking down at…


The mangled helmet of Darth Vader! “… What you started.” He seems to be a fan.


Kylo Ren then uses the dark side of the force to do something terrible to another character.


That character is Poe Dameron. What is Kylo Ren doing to him? Whatever it is, it seems to be emotionally and physically painful. Could he be uses force powers to enter his mind and extract information? Maybe they get the location of a Resistance base out of him. Or are they doing something to Poe that will make him a servant of evil?


Which leads to the mass destruction of a planet. This red hue looks like the one that Kylo Ren is looking at from the bridge of the space vessel earlier. This appears to be the first look at the devastating effects of the villain’s weapon.


On a brighter note here is the Millennium Falcon being chased by TIE Fighters through the destroyed remains of Star Destroyers! It’s a breathtaking shot and promises that the ship-to-ship combat scenes will be incredible in the new movie. We hear Rey say, “There are stories about what happened.”


Here’s just another incredible shot of the Millennium Falcon! “It’s true.” Says a voice that we are all too familiar with.


Finn and Rey are on the Millennium Falcon, which seems to have received some technological upgrades since we last saw it. I don’t remember the star charts looking like that in the originals.


“All of it.” It’s Han Solo and he is telling the next generation that everything that they’ve heard isn’t a legend or a myth. It happened. And the man saying it used to be the biggest skeptic. How times have changed.


The Millennium Falcon goes into hyper-drive! It looks both familiar and completely updated.


Our first look at what I can only guess are the Knights of Ren. J.J. Abrams spoke about them recently to Entertainment Weekly. They look mean and spooky. I count seven of them in this shot and that looks like Kylo Ren, with the cross-guard lightsaber, at the fore.


Han’s voice over continues: “The Dark Side.” Stormtroopers swarm the ruins of what looks to be an old base, awaiting an attack from incoming X-Wing fighters.


“The Jedi.” Finn and Poe Dameron greet each other in passing as they go their separate ways. The look that they exchange is an odd one. It almost seems like Finn is surprised to see Poe Dameron. Surprised… Or even alarmed. It’s possible that Kylo Ren did something to the pilot that made him not quite right. It also looks like this moment is happening before the big X-Wing attack in the last shot.


Here’s an exhilarating X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter battle for you. It’s interesting that all of the action in the trailer occurs within the atmosphere of planets. For a movie called STAR WARS, there aren’t too many stars.


A TIE Fighter attacks Finn, Rey, and BB-8 back on Jakku. That looks like one of the practical explosions highlighted in the Comic-Con footage.


This is what I believe the story to be thus far: Finn deserts the First Order and crashes down on Jakku where he meets up with Rey. He seems to have done something to tick the bad guys off, because they come after him. Perhaps they found a relic once belonging to Darth Vader and that gets Kylo Ren’s attention. They get on board the Millennium Falcon and escape to join the Resistance. Finn hooks them up with some intel about their big, bad weapon and they mount an attack force to take The First Order down.


This shot is all I need to get excited about THE FORCE AWAKENS. Our leads: Finn, Rey, Han, and BB-8 roll into a temple that has numerous flags, one bearing the symbol for bounty hunters, hanging above them. It’s bright, colorful, and alien. It feels like home.


We get our one look at Luke Skywalker as Han finishes his voice over: “They’re real.” It appears that Luke will not be featured prominently in the marketing of the movie and perhaps be in not much of the movie at all. The rumors go that the movie is a “Hunt for Luke Skywalker” story. It’s very possible that the hunt isn’t finished until the very end.


Here is Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma! It looks like she and her stormtroopers are raiding a village on Jakku in a style that would make the stormtroopers that fried Uncle Own and Aunt Beru blush.


Rey is kneeling over what appears to be Chewbacca’s body in a snowy forest. This is where I start getting really afraid that this movie is going to be deeply upsetting. This sequence looks like it occurs later on in the film in the snowy forest where we first met Kylo Ren in the first teaser trailer.


“The force… It’s calling to you.” Says Maz Kanata to who I believe is Rey. Maybe Finn isn’t a force sensitive character, but actually a red-herring. Also Finn, Han, and Chewie have their hands up. Is this the same temple that had all of those flags? This could be where the crew meet up with Maz Kanata, who is described as “a pirate.”


BB-8 seems to be taking on the R2-D2 role of battle astrometric droid and is looking over at a swarm of TIE Fighters heading his way. I’m guessing that the pilot of his X-Wing is Poe. Could the planet where this fight occurs be the same as the one where the X-Wing ambush happens AND the forest planet from above? That’s one dramatic planet.


Poe and his legion of Resistance X-Wing fighters take on the evil TIE Fighters of the First Order. This is why we go to the movies, folks.


Rey in full-on bad-ass mode shooting one of the new blasters at an unseen enemy. With this and all of the promotional pictures of her wielding the battle staff, I have feeling that she is going to really kick a lot of butt in this movie. That’s awesome.


Stormtroopers fire at X-Wings from the ground in the abandoned base from earlier. This movie looks like it has a pretty explosive third act. They are really putting the “War” in STAR WARS.


The Millennium Falcon goes crashing through a section of a spacecraft.


That crash seemingly creates an explosion on the bridge of the vessel in question, but that could also be crafty trailer editing and these shots are from two different parts of the movie. That said… Is it possible that this installment closes the door on the Han, Chewie, and Millennium Falcon chapter of the Star Wars Universe. I certainly hope not.


We finally get a decent shot of Princess (or is she finally a Queen now?) Leia being held by Han Solo on whatever planet houses the Resistance. It’s pretty amazing seeing them together again and in such a tender moment. Also, what has Princess Leia so upset? I hope it has nothing to do with Chewbacca…


Finn ignites the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker in a snowy forest. But who is his opponent? Why does he look so upset? Perhaps this happens right after whatever causes Rey to be crying over the body of Chewbacca. Guys… I’m starting to get really scared for Chewbacca.


Kylo Ren, who is mask-less for the first time, charges at a startled Finn and they begin what I can only imagine is a pretty epic lightsaber battle.


“Just let it in.”

That’s our breakdown of the new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer. As you can see, there are still a ton of questions we’re left with. What has been going on in the thirty years since RETURN OF THE JEDI? Why doesn’t anyone know that the Jedi and the Sith are real? Where is Luke Skywalker? Who are all these new young people? What does Andy Serkis’ Supreme Commander Snoke look like? Who does Max Von Sydow play? What is going on with Chewbacca at the end there? Is this movie going to make me cry?

I think I know the answer to that last question.

Thank you for reading.

Screencaps provided by Collider.