I was a little too optimistic with my predictions for this weekend as all the new releases failed to shine or exceed expectations. In the end, it was an oddly quiet weekend.

GOOSEBUMPS was able to top the chart this week, but not by much. By Sunday, the film was able to make a decent $23.4mil, besting THE MARTIAN which made $21.5mil in its third weekend. It was a closer finish than I anticipated, as I thought GOOSEBUMPS was going to perform a little better than it did. SONY should still be pleased with this result, and it should continue to do well for the rest of the month as the rest of the films opening this month look rather weak.

BRIDGE OF SPIES did alright, making a solid $15.3mil. This is still lower than I would have expected for a Steven Spielberg film starring Tom Hanks, but maybe its target audience is taking its time to check out the film. It’s not your typical big blockbuster film, but will need a great word of mouth to help it have a strong run at the box office. The film has been receiving some of the best reviews of the year, and the the pedigree of the people who made the film, it should translate to having longer legs at the box office.

Sadly, the one film that failed to capture an audience was CRIMSON PEAK. A part of me wanted this to be a huge surprise hit, but it just wasn’t. Over the weekend CRIMSON PEAK made $13mil, which is okay, but with a production budget of $55mil (which is expensive for a horror film) it needed to have performed better. Maybe with Halloween coming up, it will be able to only dip slightly for the coming up weekends, but it will have a hard time making the money back or simply breaking even.

Since GOOSEBUMPS wasn’t as big as I had thought it was going to be,  HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 was able to hold on strong for its 4th weekend and make $12.2mil for a total of $136mil. PAN fell a very sharp 61% and made only $5.8mil.

GOOSEBUMPS – $23.4mil

THE MARTIAN – $21.5mil

BRIDGE OF SPIES – $15.3mil



PAN – $5.8mil