It’s going to be a busy weekend at the box office as three movies are opening wide and THE MARTIAN and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 are both still making good money. Which will end up on top, click to find out.

After two great weeks at #1, THE MARTIAN looks to move down one spot to second place as GOOSEBUMPS looks to be the real winner this week. GOOSEBUMPS is earning much better reviews than expected and there is a lot of positive buzz going into this weekend. The film looks like it’s a blast, and it’s great to see Jack Black in good form. I haven’t seen him in a long time, so it makes me happy to see him back on top. SONY will also be very pleased as it will have two hits back to back as HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 has been doing amazingly. By Sunday, GOOSEBUMPS should make $29mil, and hold on well all the way to Halloween as audiences will be in the mood for some spooky fun. And as the film is rated PG, it will hit a wide audience and reap those benefits.

THE MARTIN should continue it’s great run at the box office in its third weekend and make $23mil. The one movie that could possibly take its spot in second place would be CRIMSON PEAK. It will be the only true scary movie in the theaters at this time, and horror fans will definitely be wanting to go out to see it. The film is directed by Guillermo del Toro who has his own cult following, and he is known for his dark, richly textured films, and this should not disappoint. (see what we think here) At this time, I predict that it will make $20mil, but if the film has good word of mouth, there is a chance it will make more than that, but horror films don’t always have the greatest legs or word of mouth, so it might drop sharply from Friday to Saturday. This is definitely the hardest film to track, as it can really go either way.

Also opening wide this weekend is Steve Spielberg’s new film BRIDGE OF SPIES. It is his first film behind the directors chair since LINCOLN back in 2012, so there is a lot of excitement behind what could be a big awards player in the coming up awards season. The film is earning amazing reviews, but it is a much more mature story compared the the films it is being released up against. I don’t expect it to open to huge numbers, but film like this tend to have staying power at the box office, especially if it does garner some nominations. Over the weekend, I predict it will make $18mil.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 will continue its stellar run and make $13mil over the weekend.

PAN will lose whatever magic it thought it had in its second weekend, as it should plummet pretty hard and make a miserable $6.5mil. PAN is performing worse that other notable 2015 disasters like FANTASTIC FOUR and JUPITER ASCENDING, which is saying a lot.


THE MARTIAN – $23mil




PAN – $6.5mil

This Week in Box Office History: One this weekend in 1999, the cult classic film FIGHT CLUB opened to lukewarm numbers with $11mil. Over the years, it gained such a huge following and is now considered to be one of the greatest films of all time.