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JoBlo has exclusively revealed that Marvel Studios plans on including The Hulk in their upcoming THOR: RAGNAROK!

We have some thoughts on what he could be doing in the film…

If this turns out to be true, it would be massively exciting. The Hulk works best in ensemble pictures and the idea of seeing him paired up with his favorite throw-pillows, Loki & Thor, is a very exciting prospect.

What could he be up to? Here are our guesses…

-The long rumored Planet Hulk story-line where Hulk is a gladiator on an alien world.

-A weapon somehow being controlled by the villain of the story who is unleashed upon Thor and the people of Asgaard.

-Lady Sif’s new boyfriend. Sif is great, so go Hulk!

-Bruce is helping Thor out with post-Ultron therapy just like he did with Tony in IRON MAN 3.


-He is not one of the Infinity Stones. Come on.

-Epic Asgaard Sleepover. They make the best root beer floats.

-There is no truth to this rumor. Hulk is not in THOR: RAGNAROK.

-Hulk is just passing by on his way to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2!

-Hulk is just passing by on his way to the Untitled Christopher Nolan Film expected in 2017.

-Hulk just wants to hang… Because feelings…

-Marvel’s really breaking new ground by having The Hulk be the new love interest for Thor. It’s exciting and fresh and they’ve been fighting it for too long.