The two new wide releases failed to bring up any business as holdovers continued to to be an unstoppable presence at the box office over the weekend.

THE MARTIAN held on excellently in its second weekend, only dropping 31% making a higher than predicted $37mil. This bodes very well for the film as it is showing stronger legs than I initially thought. It will have no problem reaching more than $200mil as its final total when it does leave theaters. THE MARTIAN should continue its shallow decline in the following weekends as it doesn’t have any real direct competition, though GOOSEBUMPS, which opens this Friday, is getting much better reviews than I expected, so it might be a stronger contender than I originally expected.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 continues its very strong run at the box office as it made $20.3mil for a three week total of $116mil. If any film will see a big decline because of GOOSEBUMPS opening, it will be HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, as they are both geared towards families and have a Halloween feel to them. No matter what happens next weekend, SONY is very happy with its performance so far.

A part of me was hoping that PAN would have been a slight success, and that’s why I gave it some benefit of the doubt with my original prediction, but it ended up with its worse case scenario making a dreadful $15.5mil. For a film that cost only $30mil to make, a $15.5mil opening would be fantastic, but as the film took $150mil to produce, this is a disastrous number. This is even worse than what FANTASTIC FOUR did at the beginning of August, which is saying a lot. I always get a little sad when I movie does this terribly, especially for one that has so many great people involved with it. There’s running gag on the intertnes right now about how Hugh Jackman only makes bad movies, and as much as I would like to think that’s not true, looking at his IMDB page, there is some truth to it. I still believe in him though. He’s just so damn charming and likable. You’ll get next time Hugh.

Even with lowered expectations, THE WALK still failed to make any impression on with box office with a minuscule $3.6mil. Even with a cheaper price tag at $35mil, it needs to make real good money overseas for this to make any type of money back.

THE MARTIAN – $37mil


PAN – $15.5mil

THE WALK – $3.6mil