Some movies are amazing. Some movies aren’t. And then there are the movies that feel like they could have been something really special if they had only taken a little bit more time with the script. They are one notes session away from having a great movie on their hands, but instead they settled for being a disappointment.


JURASSIC WORLD is terrible.

As the head of production at this studio, Mr. Trevorrow, I have only one note and that is to not make this movie.

Thematically it is all over the place, there is no consistent story, the characters are less than one note characters, you’re essentially making a SyFy remake of the original, your gender roles are more outdated than a bottle of Zima, and your main evil dinosaur is possibly the worst thing since the Godzilla that had Matthew Broderick in it.

This script is abysmal. This project is preposterous.

Just stop.

Don’t make it. Please. Don’t make it.

-Head of Studio