With only one big movie opening this weekend should be dominated by holdover from previous weeks.

THE MARTIAN will have no problem staying at the #1 spot in its second weekend as PAN is not really panning out with the critics, so it poses no threat to the film. Not only will at stay at #1, but it should also suffer from a slight drop making an excellent $32mil.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 will continue to out perform its predecessor in its third weekend. As it still doesn’t have any direct competition, and the new releases are not tracking well, it will stay in second and make $22mil. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 has been such a bright spot for SONY, as the studio has had such a lackluster year, they must be really enjoying the immense success of the film and I suspect this isn’t the last time we will be seeing these goofy characters on screen.

PAN, which was supposed to be a summer tent-pole film and was pushed back to this weekend in October, finally opens and things don’t look too good. The buzz is weak and the reviews are weaker; all of which will deter from people going out to the theaters to see the film. This honestly saddens me as I am a huge fan of the Peter Pan story and I’m a fan of the film’s director Joe Wright. He has made some gorgeous films and is a good storyteller, but he is an odd choice directing such a CGI heavy adventure film. It seems as though he favored style of substance for his version of Peter Pan. With all this bad buzz and reviews, the film should only make $19mil over the weekend, which is not great because the films budget is reported at $150mil. Maybe it’ll do better overseas, but this is going to be one of the biggest bombs for 2015.

The only other film opening wide this weekend is THE WALK, which had a disappointing limited run last weekend and I don’t see it getting better from there and I predict it will make $4.5mil.

THE MARTIAN = $32mil


PAN – $19mil

THE WALK – $4.5mil

This week in Box Office History: On this exact weekend in 2000, the movie MEET THE PARENTS started its hugely successful run at the box office with $37.6mil. The movie stayed at the #1 spot for a total of 4 weekends in a row and made $166mil when it finally left the theaters. The film was such a surprise hit, it spawned two sequels with MEET THE FOCKERS in 2004 ($279mil in total) and LITTLE FOCKERS in 2010 ($148mil in total).