Sam Smith’s theme song for SPECTRE, Writing’s On the Wall, was released today and it doesn’t quite stack up against the super agent’s other title tracks.

Here is the song:

The song has a fairly promising start but never seems to be able to move it into the next gear. Thomas Newman’s accompaniment is very nice and while the song does get some credit for being different than the other Bond themes, it quickly becomes clear that “different” does not equal “good”. Writing’s On the Wall is a slow, morose, stagnant number that never picks up beyond Smith’s repetitive dip into falsetto. After hearing the song, I actually turned on the theme to SKYFALL in order for a pick-me-up after listening to Sam Smith’s theme.

This may play better when paired with an opening title sequence, something the Bond films always succeed in making thrilling, but for now count me as unimpressed. I certainly hope SPECTRE doesn’t turn out to be Craig’s last film as James Bond. I would much rather him go out with a film that has a theme song of decent quality.