Now that it is officially autumn, it’s about that time we go over the winners and losers of this summers box office.


It was a huge summer as there were many standout hits and many records broken, but not everyone can be a winner. There is one studio that in particular that really dominated the charts and that was Universal. Throughout the whole summer, they kept putting out hit after hit, with only real one miss TED 2. Their biggest winner was JURASSIC WORLD, making a whopping $649mil, and it is now the #3 highest grossing film of all time (behind AVATAR and TITANIC). But that wasn’t their only hit! MINIONS made $332, PITCH PERFECT 2 was able to capitalize on the cult status of the first film and made a staggering $183mil, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON was a late summer victory making $158mil, and the Amy Schumer star vehicle TRAINWRECK made a respectable $109mil.

It was a big summer for women in film, as many female centric films were able to made big money at the box office as audiences got to see films with a wide variety of diverse female characters. Pixar’s INSIDE OUT, which centers around a young girl and the emotions in her head, lead my the incomparable Amy Poehler, was a huge box office winner this summer making $352mil. Though MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION, $192mil, doesn’t pass the Bechdal Test, you cannot deny the baddassery of Rebecca Ferguson as she completely stole the film. As I had mentioned above, PITCH PERFECT, which was directed by Elizabeth Banks, and TRAINWRECK did solid business at the box office making $183mil and $109mil each. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, which features some of the strongest female characters I’ve ever seen, was a surprise hit making $153mil. Melissa McCarthy was back in good form with SPY, and it was a nice success for her making $109mil. I hope Hollywood is taking notice of these results as these films spread across a wide variety of genres with diverse and interesting roles for women, and audiences are flocking to them.


Sony only had one film open this summer and it was the awful film PIXELS, which only made $76mil. This was supposed to be Adam Sandler’s comeback as his star status has been waning, but it got some of the worst reviews of the year and audiences ignored it.

For every JURRASIC WORLD or AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, you get about 3 or 4 reboots/sequels that failed. There were many sequels and reboots released this summer, and the majority failed to capitalize on the previous films success. TERMINATOR: GENISYS couldn’t even crack $100mil as it only made $89mil. Disney tried to recreate the success of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN with TOMORROWLAND, but critics weren’t thrilled by it, audiences were left bored, and in the end, it got the closest to $100mil than anyone else on this list with $93mil.

Here is a quick rundown of the other failed franchises/sequels/reboots.
TED 2 – $81mil
MAGIC MIKE: XXL – $66mil
VACATION – $58mil
MAN FORM U.N.C.L.E. – $44mil
HITMAN: AGENT 47 – $22mil

It was a fun summer season, and this Fall/Winter looks to be as exciting. For a complete list of this summer season, click here.