There are over 100 films released every year, and sometimes there are great films that go unnoticed either by critics, the populace, or both. Here on Second Chance Cinema, we will spotlight films we believe deserves a second chance.

When ABOUT TIME first came out in theaters in 2013, I avoided it because I am not the biggest Richard Curtis fan. (People who know me know that I abhor LOVE, ACTUALLY.) So, I passed on viewing the film. Cut to 2 years later, and I am ashamed that I didn’t give the film a chance. It is such a wonderful film, with great actors giving great performances, a lovely story about love, family, and fatherhood, and it leaves you smiling by the end of the film. Be forewarned, you might get a little teary eyed upon viewing.

The film stars Domhnall Gleeson as Tim Lake, who finds out from his father, played masterfully by Bill Nighy, on his 21st birthday that all the men in his family have the ability to time travel. He’s not be able to change history, but he can change what happens in his own life. Throughout the film, we see Tim court the woman of his dreams, played by Rachel McAdams who couldn’t be more charming, and his trials and tribulations with time travel. This might seems like a far fetched concept, but the way Richard Curtis handles the time travel aspect of the story with such precision, as it never becomes distracting or annoying. He uses time travel at the just right moments to really propel the story forward and it never deters from the focus.

When the film was being released, it was marketed as a romantic comedy, which is one reason why I was not completely interested, and I think it turned the public way as well. But the romantic comedy aspect of the film is only about the first quarter of the film, whereas the rest of the film goes much deeper into the lives if its characters, and in the end, it is more about family and enjoying your time with the people you love and living in the moment.

I am so glad that I finally watched ABOUT TIME as I completely enjoyed my time and it’s such a lovely film.

DAVE’S ANGLE: Every family has movies that are extremely personal to them. My family has a few, but two of our favorites are LOVE, ACTUALLY and ABOUT TIME. 

ABOUT TIME, without giving anything away, is a movie that renders me in tears every single time I watch it. A viewing of ABOUT TIME is also always followed by a phone call to my parents and siblings. It’s a beautiful film. A good film through and through, but one that excels in it’s smaller moments. The time travel aspect of the film is absolutely fun, but it’s Tim’s relationships with his family that always stick out for me. They do not show a fairy tale family, nor a completely happy one, but one that has good moments and bad. One that always revolves around supreme, unconditional love no matter the emotional or physical obstacles they come up against.

That is something to be cherished and watched for years and years to come.

You can stream ABOUT TIME on Google Play or Amazon.