Welcome to the Casting Corner! Here we help out the casting directors of the world by picking and choosing the best performers for movies that have yet to be cast.

This week we have the cast for the movie SAGA! 

There doesn’t seem to be a movie coming out based on this wonderful comic, but in the modern era of blockbuster filmmaking, there is no way that the studios will leave this property alone for very long!

ALANA: Genesis Rodriguez


Rodriguez is a terrific actor who has yet to get the role that will push her into the spotlight. I believe that she would excel as the spirited and complicated Alana. She is the main character of the series and she is fiercely protective of her newborn daughter, Hazel. This would be a star-making role and Rodriguez would wear the wings well.

MARKO: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield, looking serious, in a suit

Now that he is no longer Spider-Man, Garfield could use a new franchise and I think SAGA would be the perfect fit for him. Marko is a soldier that falls in love with his captor and together they leave behind the war between their two worlds. Marko is a sensitive, but vicious, warrior who has sworn an oath to remain a pacifist.

THE WILL: Tom Cruise


The Will is the prototypical “bad-ass” of SAGA, but like every character in the series, he’s far more complicated than that label suggests. Shave Cruise’s head and pair him with his sidekick, a large feline creature that can tell if you’re lying or not, and I think it would be as if The Will jumped right off of the comic panel.

PRINCE ROBOT IV: David Oyelowo

Oyelowo is an extremely talented performer and I think he would be able to shine through as a regal robot whose face is a small television. His arc throughout the series is very interesting and painful and it requires an actor with a subtle touch like Oyelowo’s.

KLARA: Susan Sarandon


Klara is awesome. Sarandon is awesome. She would positively own as the tough-as-nails mother of Garfield’s Marko. Make it happen.

GWENDOLYN: Lupita Nyong’o


Like Cruise, Nyong’o as Gwendolyn would seem like the character jumped off of the comic panel. The best part is that she would bring the jilted pain and commanding presence to this character who is the ex-fiancee of Marko on her way to hunt down and make her former love pay for abandoning her for an enemy combatant.

THE STALK: Olivia Wilde


Wilde would be a great fit for The Stalk, the ex-lover and work rival of Cruise’s The Will. The part would require a lot of CGI to create her very elaborate look, but I think that Wilde would be able to bring the character to life in a way that would really stick with people for years to come.

D. OSWALD HEIST: Forest Whitaker


Whitaker is pretty much the only choice to play the writer of the book that brings Alana and Marko together while she has him imprisoned. Their union gives this sad, visionary man hope in a hopeless galaxy. He would also be really cool as a drunk cyclops.

BARR: Tom Wilkinson


Wilkinson would be terrific in the role of Marko’s father and Klara’s husband, Barr. He has the warmth to play Barr’s more tender scenes and the chops to really make his tragic secret be as sad and affecting as it was in the comic.

UPSHER & DOFF: Neil Patrick Harris & Jamie Bell



These two would be great fits for the reporter couple who attempt to tell the story of Alana and Marko, despite the fact that telling the story puts their own lives in danger.


This cast would be perfect for SAGA. If you haven’t read the comic yet… Be sure to check it out!