The first teaser trailer for next year’s THE JUNGLE BOOK is online and it is pretty spectacular. Groundbreaking animation, mesmerizing visuals, and stirring music really brings it home as the must see family movie of 2016. 

Jon Favreau looks like he has a real winner on his hands here. He was off of his game for a little while with IRON MAN 2 and COWBOYS & ALIENS, but it seems like his break from CGI adventure fests with CHEF has resulted in a successful cleansing of his palette.

The cast is a who’s who of terrific actors and I can’t wait to hear their voices coming out of these magnificently animated beasts. The tone also seems to be family friendly with an undercurrent of danger running through it.

Also, that last little hint of “Bare Necessities” got me more than a little stoked to see this thing in it’s entirety. It’s too bad that we’ll have the whole thing ruined for us in trailer form before it’s April 15th release next year.