There will be a new INDIANA JONES movie. This is inevitable. The only thing that is in question is how it will be handled. A lot of people want Chris Pratt for Indy and that feels a bit off to me. Pratt showed us in JURASSIC WORLD that he is a much better Han Solo ripoff than he is an Indiana Jones ripoff. 

I think that the new series should start a before the adventures in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Start Henry Jones Jr. off as a teaching assistant to Abner Ravenwood while simultaneously being his assistant on archaeological digs. Here you start the romance with Henry and his daughter Marion, bring in some evil Nazis, have some nice throwbacks with the casting of Henry Jones Sr., and eventually have Henry become the Indiana Jones we all know and love by the ending of the film. A CASINO ROYALE for Indiana Jones. A fresh start.

But who should be in it?


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For me there can only be one heir to the throne of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones and that is Dan Stevens. After turning in a fantastic, physical role in THE GUEST, Stevens seems perfect for the job of transitioning Jones into the man-of-action that he is in the original trilogy.


In this image released by Paramount Pictures, Brie Larson appears in a scene from

Brie Larson is simply put the most exciting actress to watch at the moment. There are few roles as strong and entertaining as Marion Ravenwood. Larson would absolutely bring a feisty, intelligent, and feminine edge to the character while imbuing her with tremendous humanity. The movie would be lucky to have her.



A character we have not yet met in the franchise, Abner Ravenwood is essentially a blank late. I would have him be a proto-Indiana Jones. A swashbuckling adventurer that travels globally in pursuit of his passion for rare antiquities. He would have less of a moral compass than Indy, though, and that would put them at odds. The affection he has for Jones would also be tested when his young protegé falls for his daughter.

MARCUS BRODY: Martin Freeman

Sherlock: Martin Freeman as Watson

There is absolutely no one else who should take over for Denholm Elliot as Marcus Brody. Martin Freeman is perfect for the role and you as the audience should accept no substitutes.


British actor Simon Pegg arrives for the UK premiere of the new Star Trek movie in London's Leicester Square in central London, on April 20, 2009. AFP PHOTO/Shaun Curry (Photo credit should read SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Pegg as a Nazi? This would just be a lot of fun. Make it happen.

HENRY JONES SR: Harrison Ford


You can’t make the movie without Ford. It seems appropriate for him to pass on the fedora by taking over for Sean Connery as the senior Jones.

There would obviously be numerous other roles that would hopefully be given to a diverse and talented cast, but this core team of actors feels correct to me. This could be a wonderful foundation for a slew of new Indiana Jones adventures.

Hopefully the cast we end up with resembles this one in some shape or form.